Best Buy (12/15-12/21): Call of Duty Ghosts $49.99, Bioshock Infinite $19.99

For all the last-minute gift shoppers out there, Best Buy is offering discounts on several games and consoles including Call of Duty: Ghosts for $49.99 and Bioshock Infinite for $19.99. Check out the full list below: Games on Sale New games - 20% off for 2 years with Gamers Club … [Read more...]

JK Gamers Podcast #6 | Ninten-woe (12/15/13)

With the next generation making an explosive debut, and both its competitors selling one million units in just 24 hours, the Wii U needs to find its place in this console race and it needs to find it fast. JK Gamers Podcast Episode #6: Ninten-woe (click to listen) Length: 34:41 Ken Hicks, Jack … [Read more...]

JK Gamers Podcast #5 | Xbox One Launch (11/21/13)

The Xbox One launches at midnight, and we give our opinions on launch games, the Kinect, and what the system must do to come out on top this generation! JK Gamers Podcast Episode #5: Xbox One Launch (click to listen) Length: 26:09 Ken Hicks, Jack Ryan … [Read more...]

JK Gamers Podcast #4 | PS4 Launch (11/13/13)

We’re back, and with not much time to spare! The PS4 is launching in just a few days, and we took the time to take a look at everything up to this point and predict how well it will perform. Tune in! JK Gamers Podcast Episode #4: PS4 Launch (click to listen) Length: 23:08 Ken Hicks, Jack Ryan … [Read more...]

JK Gamers Podcast #3 | March Madness (3/2/13)

With March comes warmer weather, spring break, and a ton of exciting new games! Tune in as Jack, Kenny, and special guest host Max Audelo give you the rundown on all the hottest games coming out this month! JK Gamers Podcast Episode 3: March Madness (click to listen) Length: 21:11 Ken Hicks, … [Read more...]

JK Gamers Podcast #2 | Welcoming the Playstation 4 (2/21/13)

After two hours of vigorous note taking and live-tweeting, Jack and Kenny ran to the radio station to try and convey the excitement and awe that overtook them yesterday evening. Hear what they have to say about Sony’s epic unveiling of the Playstation 4 in: JK Gamers Podcast Episode 2: Welcoming … [Read more...]

JK Gamers Podcast #1 | Next Gen Talk (2/15/13)

On this coming Wednesday, February 20, the world is predicting that the Playstation 4 will finally awaken. With the Wii U on the market and the PS4 just days away, Jack and Kenny take some time to share their thoughts on the timing of the announcement, what it will take for each company to succeed … [Read more...]