Nintendo Reacts to Major Super Smash Bros. Roster Leak

Last week, a series of screenshots claiming to be from the 3DS version of the upcoming Super Smash Bros. were leaked by various anonymous sources revealing an updated roster and stage list – including characters previously unconfirmed by Nintendo. … [Read more...]

New Metroid Wii U Rumors Emerge

If you were disappointed that developer Retro Studios didn't unveil a new Metroid entry at this year's E3, fear not – new information is further teasing at a new Metroid title which could already be in development. … [Read more...]

Telltale Releases The Walking Dead: Season Two Finale “No Going Back” Trailer & Release Date

Telltale Games has released a trailer for the final episode of The Walking Dead: Season Two "No Going Back" confirming the episode's release for next week. … [Read more...]

Disney Infinity Free On Nintendo E-Shop

Among a handful of 3DS and Wii U digital releases and discounts from Nintendo this week, it's been revealed that Avalanche Software's figurine-fueled Disney Infinity is now available to download for the first time on Wii U – for free! … [Read more...]

Death Simulation Attraction Coming to China Next Month

If recent virtual reality breakthroughs aren't packing enough realistic gaming thrills for you, consider stopping by Shanghai, China next month for a morbidly accurate "4D" simulation attraction game. … [Read more...]

Ongoing Nintendo Character Guide Leaks Reveal New Information About Zelda Characters

Earlier this week Console Wars author Blake J. Harris tweeted a series of pages from an internal Nintendo Character Guide published in 1993, revealing some previously unknown information about iconic Nintendo characters Mario, Yoshi, Bowser, and Peach. Yesterday IGN reached out to Harris requesting … [Read more...]

Pokemon Red & Blue inspired ‘Collectems’ coming to PC, Mac, Linux, and Playstation

Venturing out into the tall grass just North of Pallet Town with my trusty new Squirtle at my side was my first taste of the sense of adventure offered through video games. The hours and hours I spent exploring the Kanto region in Pokemon Blue are some of my fondest memories as both a child and a … [Read more...]

Nintendo Character Guide Reveals Yoshi’s Real Name & Other Mario Character Origins Decades Later

Yesterday Blake J. Harris, author of Console Wars, tweeted a series of pages  from an internal Nintendo Character Guide published in 1993 which revealed some interesting and previously unknown information about some of gaming's most iconic faces. … [Read more...]

Five Simple Ways to Improve Your Competitive Smash Game

The Super Smash Bros. tournament scene is growing at an exponential rate. With the next highly-anticipated entry in the series mere months away, the unprecedented pro player invitational hosted by Nintendo at this year's E3, and tournaments like MLG Anaheim hosting a massive 325 entrants, the hype … [Read more...]

Nintendo’s Nine-Year Indie Program Runner Leaves Company Following Twitter Controversy

Dan Adelman, a nine-year employee at Nintendo responsible for running their indie program, has officially announced on Twitter (seen below) that he is no longer working for the company. … [Read more...]