Reus Review (PC)

Reus is the Dutch word for giant. It is also a 2D God simulation game developed by Abbey Games in which you are an omnipotent being who controls four elemental giants. … [Read more...]

Steam Summer Sale Update: Indie MEGABOOTH Limited Collection

Today, Valve has announced the release of the “Indie MEGABOOTH - Solid Gold Collection” which bundles six of the top indie games on Steam for only $20. The Collection includes FRACT OSC, Guacamelee! Gold Edition, Hotline Miami, Monaco, Octodad, and The Stanley Parable and runs until September … [Read more...]

My First Day in Rust: A Living Nightmare

Rust is a game of survival by any means necessary. Created by Facepunch Studios and Garry Newman, creator of Garry's Mod, Rust casts you as a naked native who must gather resources and craft them into survival tools. … [Read more...]