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Jack Ryan serves as Co-Managing Editor alongside Pete Imbesi. He is a soon-to-be graduate studying journalism, communications, and new media at Rowan University and lives in New Jersey. A passionate gamer since age three, Jack has been actively writing about various news, trends, and movements in the gaming industry for the past three years. Aside from co-hosting the podcast JK Gamers and writing for the site, he attempts to maintain his (self-proclaimed) status as most handsome staff member.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Review

I'm really feeling it! … [Read more...]

3DS Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct Coming Tomorrow

It's a terrific week to be a Nintendo fan. On Twitter, the company announced that they'll be broadcasting a Nintendo Direct centered on the upcoming Super Smash Bros. for 3DS at 8:00 p.m. (20:00) tomorrow. … [Read more...]

Miyamoto Expresses Rekindled Interest in Core Market

To add to the fan-pleasing parade that Nintendo is apparently conducting this week, Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto recently stated Nintendo's new interest in catering to their most passionate and longtime fans (rather than the widest audience possible) in an interview with Edge Magazine.  … [Read more...]

New Metroid Wii U Rumors Emerge

If you were disappointed that developer Retro Studios didn't unveil a new Metroid entry at this year's E3, fear not – new information is further teasing at a new Metroid title which could already be in development. … [Read more...]

Disney Infinity Free On Nintendo E-Shop

Among a handful of 3DS and Wii U digital releases and discounts from Nintendo this week, it's been revealed that Avalanche Software's figurine-fueled Disney Infinity is now available to download for the first time on Wii U – for free! … [Read more...]

Death Simulation Attraction Coming to China Next Month

If recent virtual reality breakthroughs aren't packing enough realistic gaming thrills for you, consider stopping by Shanghai, China next month for a morbidly accurate "4D" simulation attraction game. … [Read more...]

Nintendo’s Nine-Year Indie Program Runner Leaves Company Following Twitter Controversy

Dan Adelman, a nine-year employee at Nintendo responsible for running their indie program, has officially announced on Twitter (seen below) that he is no longer working for the company. … [Read more...]

Humble Bundle Affordably Offering Humongous Childhood Favorites for the Next 22 Hours

From indie games to romance novels and comic books, gaming's pay-what-you-want front-runner Humble Bundle is back once more to offer a rather Humongous package deal until 2 p.m. EST tomorrow –  all of the childhood throwback 20-something-year-old gamers can handle.  … [Read more...]

Indie FPS Screencheat Feeds Your Need to Play Dirty, Early Access Available Now

Sneakily glancing at your buddy's portion of the television to determine their whereabouts in a split-screen match of Call of Duty (or any FPS for that matter) is widely considered an unwritten sin.  However, no matter the amount of dirty looks, verbal assaults, or tarnished friendships that result … [Read more...]

Nidhogg Review

The fighting game genre, in terms of being a universally appealing market, is stuck in quite a vicious loop. If the skill-based entry barrier is too high for the non-core market to play and improve at, it will quickly be left behind by non-hardcore players. Likewise, if a fighting game lacks depth … [Read more...]