JK Gamers Podcast #19 | E3 Recap Special

With the final day of E3 already here, the boys dive into their thoughts on the "Big 3" presentations of the event. … [Read more...]

JK Gamers Podcast #18 | Prelude To E3 Special! (6/2/14)

With E3 only a quick week away, the boys are joined by GameKoop's own Christian Oberly  to discuss what announcements they expect and hope to hear at the most exciting gaming event of the year. … [Read more...]

JK Gamers Podcast #17 | Viva La Vita! (5/28/14)

With a new model of the PS Vita recently released, the boys talk about their personal experience with the handheld and what they feel Sony could do to improve it. … [Read more...]

JK Gamers Podcast #16 | Virtual Reality (4/25/14)

With Facebook's acquisition of the Oculus Rift and the announcement of Sony's Project Morpheus, Virtual Reality is on the minds of gamers everywhere. The guys discuss the news and speculate on the future of Virtual Reality in gaming and beyond. … [Read more...]

JK Gamers Podcast #15 | Super Smash Mania (4/9/14)

In this week's podcast, the guys discuss the outcome of Jack's and Pete's Koop Calls It and offer their detailed reaction to all the major Super Smash Bros news from yesterday's Nintendo Direct  … [Read more...]

JK Gamers Podcast #14 | The Future of Online-Only Gaming (3/19/14)

Titanfall has shown us that the console market is truly ready for an online multiplayer only experience. Was Titanfall a one time success, or the start to a growing trend? Are there certain genres that are ready to abandon the single player experience? This week Ken and Pete discuss the ups and … [Read more...]

JK Gamers Podcast #13 | Licensed Games: The Good, The Bad, & The Horrific (3/10/14)

Licensed Games are some of the biggest wild cards in gaming. You want to be excited that a property you love is getting a video game, but cringe at the thought of what the wrong developer might do with that same property. For every Arkham Asylum there's a Superman 64, for every The Walking Dead: The … [Read more...]

JK Gamers Podcast #12 | Developer Deaths (2/28/14)

With Irrational Games, creator of the Bioshock franchise, recently announcing their disbandment, Jack, Pete, and Kenny talk about some of their favorite developers who are no longer with us and some current developers they feel are soon to follow. … [Read more...]

JK Gamers Podcast #11 | What Made Me the Gamer I Am Today (2/21/14)

Mr. Jack Ryan was sick in bed this week and unfortunately could not join us on this episode of JK Gamers, so this week Ken and Pete talk about what made them the gamers they are today and discuss some of their fondest gaming moments. JK Gamers Podcast Episode #11: What Made Me the Gamer I Am Today … [Read more...]

JK Gamers Podcast #10 | Great Games We Missed Out On (2/14/14)

So many phenomenal games come out every year that it's impossible to play them all. Listen to Kenny, Jack, and Pete discuss the games and series they've missed out on over the last few years. In this installment the podcast was officially re-branded as the "JK Gamers Podcast" after coming under … [Read more...]