Pokemon Red & Blue inspired ‘Collectems’ coming to PC, Mac, Linux, and Playstation

Venturing out into the tall grass just North of Pallet Town with my trusty new Squirtle at my side was my first taste of the sense of adventure offered through video games. The hours and hours I spent exploring the Kanto region in Pokemon Blue are some of my fondest memories as both a child and a … [Read more...]

Nidhogg Review

The fighting game genre, in terms of being a universally appealing market, is stuck in quite a vicious loop. If the skill-based entry barrier is too high for the non-core market to play and improve at, it will quickly be left behind by non-hardcore players. Likewise, if a fighting game lacks depth … [Read more...]

Should Assassin’s Creed Slow Down?

Images leaked to Kotaku by an anonymous source earlier in the week all but confirmed two new games in the Assassin's Creed series releasing this Fall. Ubisoft officially confirmed Unity two days after the leak. The game takes place in 18th-century Paris and will release exclusively for Xbox One, … [Read more...]