Surviving the Steam Summer Sale: A Beginner’s Guide

The Steam summer sale is here at last. How are everybody's wallets holding up? Whether this is your first time experiencing Valve's massive annual tidal wave of discounts or you're a seasoned veteran who knows all too well the pains of a poorly-prepared budget, the summer sale can be quite a … [Read more...]

Steam Summer Sale Arrives, Financial Stability Departs

Remember that last $36 in your bank account you've been desperately trying to be responsible with so you can stop telling yourself cereal sandwiches are totally a substantial meal? Say goodbye to it – the Steam summer sale is here. Prepare for poverty. … [Read more...]

Gaming’s Top Five April Fools’ Pranks of 2014

If you're like us at GameKoop, situated in the bipolar-but-mostly-freezing tristate area, you might find this hard to believe, but regardless of cruel climate the day has arrived for gaming developers, publishers, and reporters, to have some fun with their audiences in the form of heartbreaking and … [Read more...]

Great But Late: Experiencing Black Mesa/Half-Life 1

I've been told I'm a peculiar breed of PC gamer. Don't get get me wrong - I definitely possess some of the telltale stereotypes. My Steam library has collected an ever-expanding slew of titles I would never be able to finish in my lifetime, the size of my custom-built gaming desktop rig and … [Read more...]

Goat Simulator Available for Pre-order, As Awesome As You’d Expect

Giving into the persistent demands of the internet population to make a novelty project into a full-fledged game, indie Swedish developer Coffee Stain Studios announced that Goat Simulator will be the studio's next project, and will launch as a completed product. "Goat Simulator is like an … [Read more...]