Our Favorite New York Comic Con ’14 Cosplays: Saturday

New York Comic Con is the biggest pop culture event on the East Coast where attendees can get a taste of all the comics, movies, television shows, and of course video games coming in the next year; but above all else what makes Comic Con such a special experience is shared fandom. The most die-hard of those fans take part in the art of cosplay: creating (or buying) often elaborate costumes of their favorite characters. I picked my favorite video game themed cosplays of NYCC 2014: Saturday to share with you guys. Be sure to check out Friday and Sunday‘s picks too.

NYCC 2014 Cosplays | Saturday

Viewtiful Joe
Twisted Metal: Sweet Tooth
Team Fortress: Pyro
Scribblenauts: Maxwell
Parappa the Rapper
League of Legends: Annie & Tibbers
League of Legends Assorted Champions
Fire Flower Mario
Fire Emblem: Ike
Final Fantasy: Lulu
Final Fantasy: Black Mage
Dr. Robotnik
Bioshock: Big Daddy & Little Sister

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  • Nick Marcin

    Parappa here. Thanks for taking my photo. It came out great :)!

  • Joe Douress

    You got it man! The costume and the pose were perfect

  • Pete_Imbesi

    Thanks for posing for me Nick!

  • Max ‘Mustang’ Franicevich

    Snake here: thank you for the picture! I am flattered that you liked my cosplay! if you would like to see more, feel free to add me on FB “Max ‘Mustang’ Franicevich”. There are a ton of photos youd like, including a few w/ Metal Gear Rex.