Koop Calls It: Ken’s Sony E3 Predictions

Welcome back to Koop Calls It, where our ever-confident staffers duke it out by predicting what we’ll see at gaming’s most anticipated press releases and scheduled news events to see who has the superior sense of foresight.

With the clock ticking down on Sony’s 2014 E3 press event Pete and Kenny take each other on for the first time to see who is the ultimate Sony fanboy in the first Koop Calls It for E3. Without further adieu, here are Ken’s five predictions for Sony at E3.

UPDATE: When the dust from Sony’s impressive E3 conference settled, neither Ken or Pete came out on top.  For the first time in Koop Calls It history we see a tie between friendly rivals Ken and Pete with a score of 1-1. Until next time this one’s a draw!

Check out Pete’s predictions here.


1)The return of a classic Sony franchise False!


If there’s one thing I learned from replaying the underrated Playstation All-Stars, it’s that Sony has no shortage of unique IPs at their disposal. While there is a good chance we’ll see some of their more recent franchises such as God of War or Uncharted, E3 would be the perfect time for them to bring back some of the old favorites.

I’ve stated in the past that the PS Vita would be a great home for some of their older properties, but why stop there? There have already been rumors that Crash Bandicoot may make his return to the PS4 and with more than 20 game development studios at Sony, there’s enough manpower to make it happen. Personally, I think we’re long overdue for a new Parappa The Rapper game.

2)PlayStation Now is going to be released this fall False!


There’s no doubt that PlayStation Now is one of the most important services that Sony is bringing to their gaming division. Having a unified gaming experience that crosses both of their platforms would be a key difference between Sony and their competitors. This is why I believe that it’s important for them to get this feature done right. Playstation Now has been in closed beta for the PS3 since early this year and has recently opened up to the PS4 as well. By releasing the service in the fall, it will give Sony a few extra months to iron out the bugs so they can get the service right the first time while putting it out well before the holiday rush.

3) New gameplay footage of The Last Guardian False!

Last Guardian

Originally revealed at E3 in 2009, The Last Guardian is being designed and directed by Fumito Ueda who is most well known for his work on Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. However, since the original announcement, the game has been stuck in development hell. In 2011 Ueda announced that he was leaving Sony, but would continue to work on the project through a contract with the company.

In the 3 years since then, it’s easy to believe that The Last Guardian is as good as dead, but this might not be the case. Earlier this year, Sony’s Scott Rohde confirmed that the game is still in development. With the next-gen console wars beginning to heat up, there’s even a chance that the project has moved to the PS4. While all of this may be wishful thinking, there would be no better time to show off progress on the game than at E3.

4) A disappointing Vita lineup Correct!


We’ve spoken about the PS Vita many times at GameKoop and while the potential for the handheld is great, it has yet to hit its stride. Recently Sony has been showcasing the Vita’s connectivity features with the PS4, and the leaked PS4/Vita bundle only highlights the system as a companion piece. While I would love for Sony to get some of their major studios to develop titles for the system, the Vita’s last few performances at E3 don’t give me much hope for the system this year.

5) An embarrassing PlaySation Move demonstration False!

It just wouldn’t be E3 without some type of embarrassing presentation of a Move game. Year after year Sony shows us an “innovative” move game and year after year we’re disappointed. I’ve said before that I want to love the Move, but the game lineup is never enough to justify the purchase. Some people might believe that Sony has enough on their plate so they won’t waste time on the Move, but after showing demos that use the Move alongside the upcoming Project Morpheus, it’s clear that the add-on isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Sony’s E3 presentation will take place at 6PM pacific time Monday, June 9, and can be watched directly from here (among other places.) Be sure to check back after the event to see which of our staffers came out on top!

Have any predictions of your own? Let us know in the comments below!


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