Koop Calls It: Pete’s Nintendo E3 Predictions

Welcome back to Koop Calls It, where our ever-confident staffers duke it out by predicting what we’ll see at gaming’s most anticipated press releases and scheduled news events to see who has the superior sense of foresight.

With Nintendo’s unique digital E3 reveals just a few short hours away, Pete and Jack will be going toe-to-toe on this one to see who can do a better job of predicting the Big N’s hand. Pete hopes to keep the momentum going after his last victory over Jack, while Jack looks to even the score at the biggest gaming event of the year. Without further adieu, here are Pete’s five predictions for Nintendo at E3.

Update: Nintendo had a lot to show us both new and old and it seems we have another tie with Pete and Jack going 2-2!

Check out Jack’s Nintendo E3 predictions here.


1) A glimpse of Miyamoto’s new IP False!


Alright let me just get this one out of the way. We’ve known for some time now that Miyamoto, the man who brought us Nintendo’s most beloved franchises, was working on a brand new IP… and that’s about all we’ve heard about the project since.

It’s not news to anyone that due to the struggling sales of the Wii U Nintendo’s image isn’t the strongest right now. Debuting a high-profile Nintendo exclusive by none other then one of the forefathers of modern video gaming could be just the good press Nintendo needs to get people excited about their hardware offerings (provided the game is a Wii U exclusive.)

2) The debut of Nintendo’s NFC Initiative Correct!


Nintendo confirmed its plans to throw its hat into the NFC-based game ring (ala Skylanders, Disney Infinity, or Pokemon Rumble) at an investor’s meeting in May. What sets the figures apart from their competition is they will work with multiple titles on both the Wii U and 3DS instead of just adding content to one game.

Given the smashing success of both Skylanders and Infinity, Nintendo’s attempt at NFC could be a big win for the company financially speaking. President Satoru Iwata said that Nintendo planned to show us more of these figures at E3 so their appearance is all but guaranteed. I’m thinking we’ll see the debut of a few more fan favorite Nintendo characters and hopefully we’ll get to see some of the games in playable form.

3) A barely informative Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire presentation Correct!

I doubt most Pokemon masters were surprised when Ninty officially confirmed the latest re-release for the Pokemon franchise: Generation III games Ruby and Sapphire would be getting 3D re-releases for the 3DS in November. Other than the promise of exploring a “dramatic new world” we haven’t had much to go on.

Some fans are interpreting the tagline to mean Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are more spiritual successors or perhaps even direct sequels than they are remakes. Considering all of the major additions to the meta game X & Y brought (mostly in the way of the Fairy type and Mega Evolutions) this theory makes a lot of sense. It would be surprising for Game Freak and Nintendo to choose not to bring these new mechanics to the remake.

Regardless of what shape Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire decide to take, I doubt we’ll be finding out anything substantial come tomorrow. I think Nintendo will give us a brief update and possibly some new footage or screenshots of familiar locations, but given how excited fans already are for the games’ release I doubt the big N will want to waste much time hyping them up. I expect an Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire focused Direct will be coming our way a few months down the line to answer some of our burning questions.

4) New Zelda mechanic prediction: Multiplayer False!


We’ve known for a while now that Eiji Aonuma has been hard at work on Zelda for Wii U. Aonuma has shared a lot of vague details on his plans for the upcoming title, but the “driving theme” behind its development seems to be challenging the conventions of what a Zelda game truly is.

Aonuma has said his mission for the new Zelda is to “rethink the conventions of Zelda” as a franchise. He mentions non-linear dungeon completion (like what we saw in Link Between Worlds), and playing by yourself as specific conventions he’d like to challenge. Whether this means we’ll see a co-op or multiplayer game mode introduced in the Zelda’s first Wii U iteration is anyone’s guess, but it seems like a safe bet to me.

E3 might be too early to see this fabled multiplayer mode unveiled, but considering we’ve already seen non-linear dungeon progression in action it seems the logical choice. Either way we’re sure to be treated to some shiny new visuals, and hopefully a peak at the game in action.

5) An underwhelming update on the games we know are coming False!


Much like Jack’s final prediction, I feel Nintendo’s presentation will ultimately fall short of fan expectations. Nintendo’s E3 presentations have gotten less and less impressive as the years go on, and have recently opted to share their biggest news in the form of a Nintendo Direct.

I’m a big fan of the “Direct” approach (pun not intended, but appreciated) and I believe it’s admirable for Nintendo to want to speak “directly” with their fans (I promise these just keep happening,) but E3 is still the biggest gaming event of the year. Gamers, journalists, and everyone on the business end of gaming looks at the event as the time to show us why we should be excited for the next year in gaming, and as of late Nintendo’s presentations have simply not been up to snuff.

nintendo e3 stage presentation

 I expect we’ll get an update on games we already know are coming (Hyrule Warriors, Pokemon, ect.), and confirmation of titles we already expected (our HD Zelda for example,) but not much else. That’s not to say these games aren’t on my radar or enormously exciting to me, but I’m not who Nintendo needs to convince. I own a 3DS and I bought a Wii U only two months after it launched. I’m an entrenched Nintendo fanboy and Nintendo already has me on their side.

If they want to be able to ensure the future of the Wii U Nintendo needs to give gamers a reason to buy the Wii U. With only a handful of must-have games available, and fewer on the horizon, it makes sense that gamers who can only afford one console would choose to go for the competition. Unless Nintendo can provide a steady stream of exclusive, first-party software, the Wii U’s future isn’t looking much brighter.

I can only hope this prediction is wrong and Nintendo is ready to hit the stage guns blazing, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Nintendo’s E3 digital event will take place at 9AM pacific time Tuesday, June 10, and can be watched directly from here (among other places.) Be sure to check back after the event to see which of our staffers came out on top!

Have any predictions of your own? Let us know in the comments below!

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