Koop Calls It: Pete’s Predictions For Tuesday’s Smash Bros. Direct

Welcome to the newest recurring feature on the site: Koop Calls It, where our ever-confident editors duke it out by predicting what we’ll see at gaming’s most anticipated press releases and scheduled news events to see who has the superior sense of foresight.

This time we’ll be taking a look at Nintendo’s upcoming Nintendo Direct, which  will be centered on the upcoming Smash Bros. on Wii U and 3DS slated for release later this year. With tons of characters and features yet to be seen and a solid release date still not announced, the presentation is sure to answer a smash ball’s worth of questions. Without further adieu, here are Pete’s five biggest predictions for the event.

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1) Launch Window

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I believe the upcoming Direct will serve as an opportunity for Nintendo to give us an idea of when we can expect to actually get our hands on the new Smash Bros. I don’t expect we’ll get a concrete release date like we did when Nintendo proudly announced the worldwide release of Pokemon X & Y, but I’d be surprised if they didn’t at least hammer out a release window for us.

There have been some rumblings that Nintendo may be announcing the game has been pushed back to 2015. Considering the  lengthy development cycle for Brawl normally I wouldn’t be surprised by such an announcement, but given the current state of the Wii U I can’t imagine that Nintendo would be willing to push back such an important and highly anticipated release.

My gut tells me we’ll be playing the new Smash sometime in Fall 2014, but it wouldn’t shock me in the slightest if the big N pushed that date back to the holiday season to make sure everything is as polished as possible.

2) One Newcomer Reveal

new challenger approaching smash bros

The two latest fighters (Rosalina and Little Mac) were revealed during the last two Nintendo Directs, so it seems like a safe bet that we’ll see at least one brand new fighter reveal. To be completely honest, after reveals like the Villager and Wii Fit Girl I don’t have the foggiest idea who they’ll be announcing, but I’d put my money on a 1st party Nintendo character from a series that’s already represented (maybe a new villain?) As far as 3rd party characters go I think we may have seen all the game has to offer.

3) Veteran Fighter Confirmed


Considering the entire Direct is dedicated to the upcoming Smash entries I’d wager we’ll get the confirmation of one or more returning brawlers. Sakurai usually reveals old characters via the Super Smash Bros. official site but the fact that veteran fighters are treated like reveals at all leads me to believe we’ll get at least one returning character confirmed. Between 30-40 minutes is a lot of time to fill and I imagine the team will want to keep a few secrets under wraps to leak over the next few months as well as for when the game actually releases. Unfortunately for you, Metal Gear fans, it doesn’t seem like Sake will be joining us. (Sorry Christian).

4) Highlight On New Features For 3DS

Super Smash Bros 3DS | Logo

When you get right down to it, beyond the few vague details we’ve had for some time now and an ever expanding roster, we don’t know all that much about the new Smash Bros. We already know that there are two versions with their own exclusive stages, assist trophies, and collectibles (I’ll get to these later). But the Nintendo 3DS version will allegedly have some sort of personal character customization (I’m guessing in the form of a Mii) that can be transferred to and used in the Wii U version. I’m willing to bet we’ll get some insight into how these and other new features to the series will work in an attempt to get us excited about them before the game’s release.

5) Fan Service


More than anything I think Nintendo wants and needs this Direct to get gamers excited about playing the new Smash Bros. I expect this means we’re going to get a real taste of what the game has to offer on all fronts. I suspect we’ll see some new stages, assist trophies, and items in action. I think we’ll also probably get our first look at what some of the other parts of the game look like. I’m thinking this could be anything from single player mode, challenges, or something as simple as a mini-game like Sandbag Mode.

No matter what I think Nintendo is going to bring it’s A game because they know how important the Smash series is for the company, especially for the Wii U. If we don’t get a few big surprises dropped on us I’ll be shocked.

The Nintendo Direct will take place at 6PM eastern time tomorrow, April 8, and can be watched directly from Nintendo’s website (among other places.) Be sure to check back after the event to see which of our editors came out on top!

Have any predictions of your own? Let us know in the comments below!

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