Koop Calls It: Pete’s Sony E3 Predictions

Welcome back to Koop Calls It, where our ever-confident staffers duke it out by predicting what we’ll see at gaming’s most anticipated press releases and scheduled news events to see who has the superior sense of foresight.

With the clock ticking down on Sony’s 2014 E3 press event Pete and Kenny take each other on for the first time to see who is the ultimate Sony fanboy in the first Koop Calls It for E3. Without further adieu, here are Pete’s five predictions for Sony at E3.

UPDATE: When the dust from Sony’s impressive E3 conference settled, neither Ken or Pete came out on top.  For the first time in Koop Calls It history we see a tie between friendly rivals Ken and Pete with a score of 1-1. Until next time this one’s a draw!

Check out Kenny’s predictions here.


1) We see a trailer with in-game footage for Uncharted on PS4 Correct!

We already know Sony’s favorite son Naughty Dog is working on the next Uncharted for the PS4, and that the Last of Us directors Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley are taking the helm so it stands to reason that we’ll get a taste of the progress the team has made so far. Sony hasn’t broken out any of it’s major franchises on the PS4 besides Infamous thus far, and E3 is the perfect place to get the hype train rolling. Given the fact that Naughty Dog is responsible for some of Sony’s biggest successes it makes sense that they would be eager to get their first PS4 game on the market.

It’s also worth noting that Uncharted 3 was free with PS Plus last month, possibly in hopes to get people thinking about the next Uncharted. The game was also included on an alleged itinerary leaked on NeoGaf.  It’s still speculation at this point but the rumor mill seems to think the next Uncharted is supposed to really show us what the PS4 is capable of in terms of “next-gen” graphics. I’m expecting to see nothing less than an extended trailer with gameplay footage on Drake’s next adventure.

2) We get a glimpse of Naughty Dog’s New IP False!


Ever since the release of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Naughty Dog split its studio into two teams allowing them  to work on two projects simultaneously. As I mentioned above we already know for a fact that the next Uncharted is one of those games, and an interview with Game Informer confirmed that Naughty Dog is hard at work on a brand new IP with Evan Wells, co-president of Naughty Dog, saying, “We definitely have another project on the scale of Uncharted in very early pre-production stages,” and commented it was “a long way off before we can really start talking about it in detail.”

This may seem like reason to believe we won’t hear anything about this new IP at E3, but I believe the mere confirmation that exists coupled with the fact that we haven’t seen the announcement of any other brand new Sony-developed IPs means there’s a damn good chance we’ll get the first information about the game on Monday. Even if we just get a name and a logo I’m thinking the time is now.

3) Sony won’t acknowledge the leak of the PS4/Vita bundle False!


Earlier this week Amazon France leaked what I expect was supposed to be a major E3 announcement: Sony is finally releasing a PS4/Vita bundle. Twitter user Wario64 then confirmed that the bundle would also be coming to the U.S.

I’m sure the leak was a major disappointment for Sony, but my guess is the company will pretend the leak never happened and go along with the reveal.

4) Announcement of a new Vita Exclusive False!


Given the fact that we just recently saw a new model of the Vita hit the North American market, and the announcement of the bundle mentioned above, I hope Sony comes to E3 with a worthwhile Vita exclusive to show off. After the launch of the Ps4 Sony has seemed content to peddle the Vita as an accessory for your shiny new PS4, but for the handheld to truly carve out a niche for itself in the hearts of anyone but diehard Sony faithfuls, the Vita needs its own identity.

Features like cross-play, ports of console quality games, and PS4 connectivity are all fantastic features, but at the end of the day they aren’t enough to sell most gamers on the Vita. E3 seems like the perfect opportunity to announce the next big thing coming to the Vita, and the Vita alone.

5) We’ll see more of Project Morpheus in action False!


Exactly what we’ll see from Project Morpheus remains a mystery to me, but I’d bet money that Sony will have something to show us about their upcoming VR headset. We’ve already seen a few short demo games in action, but I’m thinking we might see something more substantial during Monday’s show.

It might be too early to call, but I’m going to go out on a limb here and say we may even get a release date or the confirmation of the first Morpheus-focused game.

Sony’s E3 presentation will take place at 6PM pacific time Monday, June 9, and can be watched directly from here (among other places.) Be sure to check back after the event to see which of our staffers came out on top!

Have any predictions of your own? Let us know in the comments below!

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