Smash Bros. Most Wanted: Mewtwo

With some rather unexpected characters making their way into the next Smash Bros. such as the acrobatic Wii Fit Trainer, Capcom’s Mega Man, and  perhaps the most surprising addition Pokemon gen VI water-starter Greninja, the GameKoop staff has decided to chime in with one newcomer they dream might one day make it into a Smash Bros. entry.

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Dream Character: Mewtwo

Debut: Pokemon Red/Green (Gameboy-1996)

Who would’ve thought that a game about capturing animals and forcing them to fight each other would not only be successful, but be loved by children and adults around the world? Alas, that is exactly what happened when Pokemon was first released in 1996. Inspired by his childhood hobby of insect collecting, Satoshi Tajiri made the main purpose of the game to collect all 151 Pokemon. In the 18 years since its original release, there are now more than 600 Pokemon. To me however, none of them can hold a candle to the original badass himself, Mewtwo. Appearing as the final challenge in the original games, Mewtwo was created as a clone of Mew to be the most powerful Pokemon in the world. Shortly after being created, Mewtwo escaped his prison and hid himself away in the Cerulean Cave. Mewtwo_Shadow_Ball I’ve been a a fan of Mewtwo ever since I saw him in the first Pokemon movie when I was 6 years old. Even though it may be frowned upon to use “uber” Pokemon in competitive battles today, back then I used him in every battle until I was unable to transfer him to the Gen III Ruby and Sapphire. Likewise, during the days before the internet ruined every surprise, finding out that Mewtwo was a playable character in Melee was one of the most pleasant moments in my gaming life. Even though he was popular among fans, Mewtwo didn’t return in Brawl and was replaced by Lucario. Since Lucario has already been announced for the new Smash game, many people believe that this means there’s no more room Mewtwo, but this isn’t the case. In some ways, Mewtwo is more relevant now than ever before. mewtwos First, lets get this out of the way: Lucario is NOT a clone of Mewtwo. The only moves that are similar to each other are their neutral special attack. Aside from that, they play completely differently. Regardless, if Mewtwo were to return for a second time there are many ways to improve and diversify his moveset. For starters, they could replace his side special move confusion with Psycho Cut. This would give Mewtwo more of a physically offensive presence in the game. His confusion counter move could be buffed to improve the damage done by reflecting projectiles. In addition to this, Mewtwo was given two new mega transformations in Pokemon X and Y. These could easily easily be used for his final smash. These moves are only a few suggestions. Nintendo could pick any one of the 75+ moves Mewtwo can learn from his game and incorporate them into Smash.

mega_mewtwo_vs__mega_lucario_official_artwork_by_drosewood67Hopefully, this battle will soon become a reality

Despite his importance in the history of Pokemon, Mewtwo still has the odds stacked up against him. Assuming Jigglypuff returns for a fourth time, there will already be five Pokemon characters in the latest Smash. Still, there is some evidence that Mewtwo was planned as a playable character in Brawl, but was scrapped during production. Also, Sakurai has stated that Mewtwo was being considered to return, so all hope is not lost. Regardless of what some people may think, Mewtwo deserves to return more than almost any other character. He might have been missing in action these last 6 years, but with the recent surge in popularity from the new Pokemon games and the addition of his mega evolutions, there is no better time for him to return to the brawl.

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