Smash Bros. Most Wanted: Simon Belmont

With some rather unexpected characters making their way into the next Smash Bros. such as the acrobatic Wii Fit Trainer, Capcom’s Mega Man, and  perhaps the most surprising addition Pokemon gen VI water-starter Greninja, the GameKoop staff has decided to chime in with one newcomer they dream might one day make it into a Smash Bros. entry. Be sure to check back on Saturday for Kenny’s pick, and check out Christian’s pick Marina Liteyears, Jack’s pick Ashley (WarioWare), and Pete’s pick Sora (Kingdom Hearts) if you missed them.

Dream Newcomer: Simon Belmont

Debut: Castlevania (NES-1986)


Simon Belmont, the main protagonist of the 1986 NES game Castlevania, is a 17th Century, whip-wielding vampire hunter. In an effort to rid his homeland of a terrible curse, Simon sets out on a quest to slay Dracula. A brave but brash young man, he enters Dracula’s castle alone. Relying simply on his strength and his legendary whip Vampire Killer, he takes on Dracula’s horde of demons and, eventually, the Prince of Darkness himself. Simon returns in the 1988 NES sequel Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest. Seven years after the events of the original title, Simon appears as an older, more contemplative protagonist. He is cursed from his battle with Dracula and broods over his seemingly imminent death. Weary and worn, he travels throughout his homeland in order to find a way to break Dracula’s curse.

simon_belmont_comparisonThe resemblance is uncanny.

I’ve wanted to see a Castlevania-related character ever since the first Super Smash Bros. Of course, this is primarily because I love the Castlevania series. I still play my NES, and my favorite game on the system is (and has been since I first bought it in 1991) Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse. But my reasons for thinking Simon might show up on the Super Smash Bros. roster go beyond a simple fanboy bias.

Simon Belmont would be a great addition to the Super Smash Bros. roster due to the range of his attacks. His whip allows him to attack from up close or mid-range, attack in multiple directions, and even swing from platforms. Throw in his secondary weapons from the Castlevania series (i.e. a throwing knife, axe, holy water, boomerang-cross, etc.) and Simon becomes a deadly opponent from almost any position on the battlefield.

I’d also love to see Link, Pikachu, and the rest going toe to toe in Dracula’s castle. Imagine battling in a decrepit, 17th Century, Transylvanian castle with vampire-bats swirling around and zombies rising from the ground. Dracula (or one of his minions) could even appear as a stage boss or hazard.

castlevania_boxartSimon’s Super Smash Bros. stage would be an epic sight.

One might think that Castlevania’s third-party status might keep Simon from one day making the Super Smash Bros. roster. (For those of you unfamiliar with the series, Castlevania titles are created and developed by Konami.) But this isn’t a good reason for ruling out Simon as a future fighter. Here’s why: Snake made it on the Super Smash Bros. Brawl roster, and he’s a Konami character. So don’t rule Simon out as a future Super Smash Bros. fighter simply because Castlevania is a third-party series.

snake_super_smash_brosRemember this guy? Yeah, he’s a Konami character too.

I think it’s highly likely we’ll see Simon in a future Super Smash Bros. title, and to be quite honest, I’m actually surprised we haven’t already seen a Castlevania-related fighter. Consider the fact that Castlevania titles have been released on almost every Nintendo system (including handhelds) since 1986. Of these titles, nine were released before the first Super Smash Bros. in 1999. Furthermore, Simon appears in Castlevania, Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest, Super Castlevania IV (SNES 1991), Castlevania: Judgment (Wii 2008), and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow—Mirror of Fate (3DS 2013). What this tells us is Simon’s character is far from forgotten, and I’ll continue to hold out hope.

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