Smash Bros. Most Wanted: Sora

With some rather unexpected characters making their way into the next Smash Bros. such as the acrobatic Wii Fit Trainer, Capcom’s Mega Man, and  perhaps the most surprising addition Pokemon gen VI water-starter Greninja, the GameKoop staff has decided to chime in with one newcomer they dream might one day make it into a Smash Bros. entry. Be sure to check back on Thursday for Jason’s pick, and check out Christian’s pick Marina Liteyears, and Jack’s pick Ashley(WarioWare) if you missed them.

Dream Newcomer: Sora

Debut: Kingdom Hearts (PS2 2002)


Unless you’ve been living under a rock since the PS2’s heyday (in which case welcome back to the internet!) you’re probably at least casually familiar with the wildly popular Kingdom Hearts series so I won’t waste time by getting into the series’ extremely elaborate backstory. Sora is the series’ protagonist and a keyblade master trusted with unlocking the doors to all of the separate Disney (and also one Final Fantasy) worlds and freeing them from darkness while also searching for his friends Riku and Kairi and helping his companions Donald and Goofy track down “The King” (I’ll give you three guesses on who that is…).


These games are insane, but they’re freaking brilliant.

What I will say for those who haven’t played the series: the Kingdom Hearts main entries are perhaps the finest example of a true action RPG to date and to this day it remains one of my favorite franchises over 10 years after completing my 1st play-through. The series is known for its tight team-based battle sequences where Sora (along with Donald and Goofy) uses his trusty keyblade as well as traditional Final Fantasy-style magical abilities to combat the heartless, nobodies, Organization XIII, and countless Disney villians (seriously just play the games or go read the wiki so I sound less ridiculous).

After Snake was confirmed as a character in Brawl (but before we knew Sonic would also be on the roster) there were tons of polls circling around on who the other 3rd party character fans would most like to see and Sora was a consistent frontrunner (along with both Sonic and Mega Man.) Since then the idea of one of my favorite characters making his way to my favorite fighting series has been something of an obsessive pipe dream.

When you think about it, having Sora on the roster wouldn’t be as crazy as it sounds. Despite the fact that the series got its start on the PS2, almost all of the incredible (and canon) handheld entries are Nintendo exclusives including Dream Drop Distanceone of the finest games to come to the 3DS thus far.

A Smash Bros. ready moveset for Sora is an absolute no-brainer. All of his basic smash attacks are covered by the use of his trusty keyblade. His aforementioned magical abilities (I’m thinking Firaga, Blizzaga, and Thundara are the obvious choices) can be assigned as special attacks, and his final smash? In a quick cutscene Donald and Goofy would join Sora in the fray by fusing with him to create his aptly named “Final Form.” Sora could exist in a nice middle ground between the game’s swordsmen and magic users, having the magic to keep competitors at a distance, but the ability to smack them around if they dared to get close enough (much like Link.)

KH2_Sora_Final_FormSora would undoubtedly be a comfortable fit in Smash’s ever-growing roster, but unless Square Enix or the fans make a real push to see him included I’m afraid my dreams may be destined to go unfulfilled. Though as long as Sora and the rest of the Kingdom Hearts franchise maintain a strong presence on Nintendo’s handhelds I won’t give up hope of seeing our spiky-haired hero enter the fray.

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