Gamer Swag: Valentine’s Day Gifts for Gamers

Since we already bring you weekly updates on the best deals around the web to buy games we thought, why stop there? For Gamer Swag we’ll be compiling our best finds of both official licensed merchandise and stuff by independent artisans into easy to digest lists.

Since Valentine’s Day is this week we decided our first list should be dedicated to (mostly) romantic gamer gifts. All of this week’s entries come from some of the very talented people who run shops on It’s come to my attention that lots of people (especially gamers) don’t seem familiar with the site and I’d love to shed the spotlight on some of the incredible work these people are doing.

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1) Cards by PaperRockScisorz:

Gamer Swag Cards

“Do you love video games? Do you have a certain special someone in your life? Do they love video games? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this listing is for you!!” PaperRockScisorz has the perfect card for that special gamer in your life. Note: PaperRockScisorz sells you the template for her cards which can then be printed from home on cardstock or taken to a local print shop.

2) Plushies by P1X3LKnitting:

Gamer Swag Plushies

P1X3LKnitting takes “Characters from iconic Retro games, broken down into their individual old-skool atoms, and then lovingly rebuilt with excess amounts of wool and cute!” The shop mostly contains the Pokémon plushies and key chains like the stuff you see above, but the shop also offers Crocheted Wall Art if you want something you can hang up.

3) Art prints by Scott Smith:

Gamer Swag Art

Speaking of wall art, the extremely talented Scott Smith makes amazing art prints perfect for any gamer or pop culture junkie. You’ve probably seen some of Scotts art bouncing around on social networking sites like Pinterest or Tumblr, but if you’ve always want to get one of these stellar prints for yourself (like I have) here’s your chance! SkahfeePortraits is where you’ll find Scott’s minimalist style portraits of iconic characters from every sector of pop culture, and SkahfeeStudios offers typography art prints in the same vein.

4) 8-bit Interlocking Heart Couples Pendants by studioNdesigns:

Gamer Swag His & Hers Matching Pendants

studioNdesigns has all kinds of gamer gear (especially for League of Legends players) but their 8-bit Interlocking Heart Couples Pendants is a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.

5) Custom (Wedding) Rings by FANaticCreations:

Gamer Swag Rings

Finally if you’re looking for a custom ring to express your love for your significant other while also representing The Legend of Zelda(seriously there are a TON of LOZ rings) or Super Mario Brothers you’re in luck because FANaticCreations has you covered.

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