Dark Souls ‘Spiritual Succesor’ Project Beast at E3?

The faint of heart need not apply; Dark Souls developer, From Software is 95 percent likely to drop a bomb at E3 next week with its anticipated Project Beast.

project_beastPrepare yourselves.

The title is rumored to be a PS4-exclusive and a collaboration between From Software and Sony Japan Studio. This would be the second time the companies have worked together after Sony Japan published Demon’s Souls exclusively for PlayStation 3.

Little is known about the game so far, as a matter of fact all the rumor has really had to go on was a few low quality screnshots posted on NeoGaf by user Herla, allegedly from an anonymous insider and a promise more was to come.

Well again NeoGaf delivered with a leak of gameplay footage and an itinerary outlining Sony Computer Entertainment’s press conference, which specifically mentions Project Beast.


Contained within the footage shows a game with a distinctly Dark Souls tone. This makes sense, considering  Hidetaka Miyazaki, creator of Dark Souls (and now president of From Software) is taking the helm on this project.

With NeoGaf members editing together various clips, the world which emerges seems to include all of your standard horror novelties: Leafless trees? Check. Zombies? Monsters? Check & Check. Heck, Shotgun?! Check.  Let me reiterate, this game has freaking guns.

However, if you felt your heart stop for a second there, let me clear: swords and magic are still featured, so don’t worry From Software fans, it still has a decidedly Dark Soulsy look and feel to it.

Towards the end of the video we see our hero running toward an immense and ominous looking boss like creature; who happens to look like a giant tree with tentacles. Afterward the video comes to an abrupt stop (in true leaked footage fashion).

With E3 right around the corner, the rumor mill has been running nonstop, so it can be hard to sort fact from fiction. However, when sorting the conjecture you come to this conclusion: Project Beast’s release would be a big deal for Sony.

Considering Project Beast is being called the spiritual successor to the Dark Souls franchise (which has a fan base the size of a small country) if Project Beast truly is a PS4 exclusive it would do a lot to make the already attractive PS4 a no-brainer for a number of gamers on the fence.

Project Beast is sure to get a lot of media attention, and is likely to be one of the first major titles to start the long line of exclusives the Sony promised to bring to the market. With E3 only a few short days away, the world will be watching; hopefully Sony will be ready to step up to the plate and exert its dominance.

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