Death Simulation Attraction Coming to China Next Month

If recent virtual reality breakthroughs aren’t packing enough realistic gaming thrills for you, consider stopping by Shanghai, China next month for a morbidly accurate “4D” simulation attraction game. The experience being simulated, you ask? Death by incineration.

Named Samadhi — 4D Experience of Death, the China-exclusive attraction will have participants competing in a series of challenges to avoid “dying” via cremation – a process statistically performed on around 50% of the deceased Chinese population. Losers will be put on a conveyor belt and transported through a fake funeral home incinerator that uses “hot air and light projections” to simulate the gruesome act.

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The strangest portion of the game may just be what happens after the player is scorched – after their cremation, players will be transported to a “soft, round, womb-like capsule” which will signify the player’s rebirth. Co-founders Ding Rui and Huang Wei-ping visited a real-life crematorium in order to get a better understanding of the experience to aid in building the most accurate experience they could. The two went so far as to be put through the cremation conveyor belts (with the flames turned off, of course).

Rui went in first and Wei-ping expressed his discomfort as an outside viewer. When it came to be his turn, Wei-ping had a less-than-pleasant ride.

“I couldn’t breathe and I thought my life was over,” he said.

Though the idea is rather violent on paper, Rui shed some light on the time he spent as a volunteer hospital worker and what he hopes the simulation will grant customers.

“The saddest part of the job wasn’t seeing the patients passing away but how the families refused to face death – the final days with their loved ones consisted of kind but shallow lies,” said Rui. “We lack understanding of death and the fear can become so overwhelming.”

It’s a topic that apparently has already gained some notable interest in China.

“We received more than RMB 410,000 [$67,000] in three months, surpassing our target,” said Wei-ping in reference to the attraction’s crowdfunded campaign – a Chinese equivalent to Kickstarter. “It turns out many people in China are curious about death.” homepage To read all of what the co-founders had to share, check out their full interview on the original CNN article. Samadhi — 4D Experience of Death is currently scheduled to open sometime this September.

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