Disney Infinity Free On Nintendo E-Shop

Among a handful of 3DS and Wii U digital releases and discounts from Nintendo this week, it’s been revealed that Avalanche Software’s figurine-fueled Disney Infinity is now available to download for the first time on Wii U – for free!

The digital deal is meant to offer a way for Disney Infinity Wii owners to continue playing if they upgrade to the Wii U, without having to repurchase a separate secondhand game disk. For Wii U owners looking into Disney Infinity for the first time, this offering is sadly not without stipulations.

disney infinity charactersThe hardware bundled with the Disney Infinity starter pack, namely the game’s “portal” peripheral and at least one physical figurine, are still required to play the game. A character-corresponding “play set” crystal, plastic pieces which unlock the game’s various story campaigns when placed on the portal, will also be required to play outside of the sandbox-style “toy box” mode. Though playing Disney Infinity will still require some degree of financial commitment, interested Wii U owners can now cross off the actual game disk from the list of hardware components they’ll need in order to join in.

It hasn’t been revealed whether or not game trade-in locations such as Gamestop have any plans to reject Wii U versions of the game disk in light of the announcement.

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