Flappy Bird Announces Final “Game Over,” As Creator Pulls Game From Market

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The gaming world stood still yesterday as it sifted through the catastrophic wreckage that displayed across its Twitter feed; Flappy Bird, the simplistic mobile game that has swept the smartphone market off of its feet, will be taken off of all mobile markets as of today.

The game’s Vietnamese creator Dong Nguyen announced on Twitter yesterday that the game has been causing interference with his personal life due to its massive success.

Shortly after this initial tweet, Nguyen followed up with a devastating blow to flappers everywhere; he is taking the game down today, specifically around 7 PM in relation to his time zone.

The “this” that Nguyen claims to not be able to take anymore may refer to the nearly $50,000 in monthly ad revenue that the game is reportedly making. It may also refer to suspected legal allegations surrounding Flappy Bird’s art style, which heavily borrows assets from a little game franchise belonging to a certain plumber in overalls. However, Nguyen claimed in another tweet that his decision has nothing to do with a potential lawsuit.

Later tweets on Nguyen’s Twitter announced that he will not be selling the game, and that he plans to continue to develop games in the future. He has been answering follower’s questions fairly regularly since his first announcement.

Perhaps Nguyen is not being totally honest about his decision to give Flappy Bird the axe being unrelated to legal threats. Perhaps the massive attention he has gained really is much more than he is capable of managing at this point in time. Perhaps, though, we can learn a lesson from the story of Flappy Bird, and rekindle the fragmented code of ethics that has been lost among the sea of widely popular mobile games which have profited from less-than-original foundations. 

The world may never know the true answer as to why the game must go, but one thing is certain; come 7 PM this evening, we are all going to have a lot more free time on our hands.

Flappy Bird | Game Over

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