Indie FPS Screencheat Feeds Your Need to Play Dirty, Early Access Available Now

Sneakily glancing at your buddy’s portion of the television to determine their whereabouts in a split-screen match of Call of Duty (or any FPS for that matter) is widely considered an unwritten sin.  However, no matter the amount of dirty looks, verbal assaults, or tarnished friendships that result from being caught in the act, the human mind still can’t seem to help itself from fiendishly giving in to the ever-controlling urge to “screen peek.” Since the days of Goldeneye 64 couch-based gamers all across the globe have strived to find an answer to the seemingly unavoidable phenomenon – but to little avail.

Though not a true solution per se, indie development team Samurai Punk is bringing forth a unique approach to the age-old dilemma with its upcoming title Screencheat – an FPS that knows better than to try and tell you not to screen peek. Instead, it demands that you do. Screencheat aims to tackle the issue by changing only one simple game mechanic yet offering a largely new and engaging local multiplayer experience: every player is invisible.

As a result, players will be forced to look at each others screens in order to pinpoint exactly where on the map their opponents are lurking.

With the lack of opponent visibility, a new focus on precise map memorization and gut-based instinct look to be introduced in the title. Early screenshots of the game’s various stages seem to also suggest a heavy focus on bright, contrasting colors and shapes as the tools each player must utilize in order to pinpoint their prey.

screencheat screenshot 4 player

Currently scheduled for an October Steam release for PC, Mac, and Linux, a free beta is being offered and will go live on August 4. Interested players must register here prior to the event. For those even less patient, as of July 25 players can start playing Screencheat right now by purchasing the game through Steam’s Early Access program. Noted by the developers on the game’s Steam page to be a mistake too late to fix, they are encouraging buyers to join now so long as they are aware the team is still “in the process of stress testing and making minor changes before the free beta opens up on August 4. Basically there could be bugs and the servers may go down without notice.”

Click here for the full except of the statement delivered on the game’s Steam Community page.

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