New Metroid Wii U Rumors Emerge

If you were disappointed that developer Retro Studios didn’t unveil a new Metroid entry at this year’s E3, fear not – new information is further teasing at a new Metroid title which could already be in development.

samus inside helmet other m

On the factual side of things, Retro has kept exceptionally quiet since their release of Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze at the beginning of 2014. Hopeful fans have speculated that this is due to the development of the next Metroid game which is not yet ready to be shown. Recent information has also revealed that Retro is currently hiring a variety of important develpment roles, including Senior Tools Engineer, AI Engineer, FX Artist, Tools Engineer and Gameplay Engineer.

With the latest entry in the series being the heavily-criticized and poor-selling Metroid: Other M (2010) by Team Ninja, it’s not a bold assumption that fans are eager for a new Metroid title which takes heavy inspiration from the series’ more critically acclaimed entries.

Although rumors can (and will) take the shape of whatever fans wish, the only reveal that can be taken with true credibility will be an announcement from Retro themselves. If a new Metroid really is in the works, however, expect to see more evidence piling up in the coming months.

Source: Ecumenical News

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