Nintendo Character Guide Reveals Yoshi’s Real Name & Other Mario Character Origins Decades Later

Yesterday Blake J. Harris, author of Console Wars, tweeted a series of pages  from an internal Nintendo Character Guide published in 1993 which revealed some interesting and previously unknown information about some of gaming’s most iconic faces.

The most popular revelation that’s been released is the “real” (or perhaps more accurately, full) name of Mario’s lovable companion Yoshi  – T. Yoshisaur Munchakoopas.

Several details about Mario’s personal history are also detailed in the reprinted pages, including how he was born in Brooklyn (just like in the Super Mario Bros. cartoon and movie) and “grew up with with a love of fixing things.” The same character page states Mario was “destined to become a plumber and hero from the day he fixed a friend’s broken squirt gun.”

A page offering a “Mario Profile” offers a detailed insight into Mario’s personality and values. The profile sums up many of Mario’s heroic attributes (“Mario is Adventurous”, “Mario is Brave”), but also highlights aspects of Nintendo’s favorite son that may seem less obvious, such as expressing Mario’s resourcefulness (like turning a “harmless looking turtle shell into a lethal weapon”) and natural curiosity.


“He has always managed to retain a child’s wide-eyed curiosity and inquisitiveness.”

Perhaps the most interesting view of Mario presented is that “Mario is Tolerant,” stating “He’ll treat anyone and anything with dignity and respect. He has seen too many things in his travels to be narrow-minded.”

King Koopa himself, Bowser, had his motivations for conquering the mushroom kingdom revealed as being merely that he “could not stand the idea of happy fungi.”

Mario’s main squeeze and perpetual damsel in distress, Princess Peach, was said to have “led a charmed life until the Koopas invaded.” It is also said that the daughter of the seldom-seen Mushroom King “wields the power of white magic,” which along with being the “only hope of reanimation for the Mushroom people” keeps her dresses starched and clean even while awaiting Mario’s rescue in one of Bowser’s dungeons.

To view all of the Nintendo Character Guide pages Harris published, check out the image gallery below.




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