Nintendo Direct 2/13/14 3DS Roundup

Just in case you missed today’s Nintendo Direct, GameKoop is bringing you everything you need to know about today’s 3DS related announcements. You can also check out all of today’s Wii U announcements.

Little Mac confirmed for Smash Bros

Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata started off today’s Nintendo Direct by showcasing a trailer for the new Smash Brothers game, slated for release sometime later this year. The footage revealed that Little Mac, the protagonist from the Punch Out!! series, will be making his first appearance in the fighting franchise as a playable character.

Mario Golf World Tour receives release date

Iwata kept the ball rolling by releasing new gameplay footage, a release date, and new information on Mario Golf World Tour for the 3DS. The game will feature a newly announced single player mode called Castle Club, which from early impressions seems comparable to the RPG elements from Mario Tennis on the Gameboy Color. In the new mode players can customize their Miis with shop items that will affect their playing stats. The game will be available on May 2.

Kirby Triple Deluxe receives release date

Also available on May 2 will be Kirby Triple Deluxe for the 3DS. Iwata revealed some new footage of the game and gave new information about how the game will play. Kirby will be able to use enemy’s powerups in different forms, and he also now has the ability to carry enemies. A big focus on the new footage was the large number of collectables players will be able to find in the game, which include 8-bit keychains and “sun stones.” Streetpassing another player who owns the game will also reward the player with an 8-bit keychain.


Yoshi’s New Island receives new trailer

A new trailer was released for Yoshi’s New Island, which showcases some new features of the game such as “egg-dozers”; massive Yoshi eggs which will help the player solve puzzles and blast through enemies. New mechanics such as transformations into a rock-breaking jackhammer and underwater submarine were also shown off.  The game is still scheduled to release on March 14.

Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy receives new trailer

Professor Layton and and the Azron Legacy, scheduled to finally release in North America on February 28, received a new trailer focusing on Emmy- an accompanying character to the protagonist who will be making her last appearance in the new game.

Pokemon Battle Trozei announced

A sequel to the 2005 Pokemon-themed puzzle game Pokemon Trozei was announced for the 3DS e-shop with an accompanying trailer. The game will launch on March 20 for $7.99.

Two free-to-play e-shop titles announced

Steel Diver: Sub Wars, a first-person take on the 3DS launch game, and Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball,a baseball-centered mini-game collection, were announced as Nintendo’s first ever free-to-play game models. Steel Diver will feature seven single player missions, with more levels and more powerful submarines available for real-life currency. Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball allows players to use haggling skills in game to negotiate real-life micro-transaction fees.

Steel Diver: Sub Wars is available now to download free of charge. No release date has been given for Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball at this time.

Weapon Shop de Omasse announced

The final game in the Guild01 series developed by Level-5 was revealed to be Weapon Shop de Omasse- a humorous spinoff of an RPG where players assume the role of a blacksmith in charge of crafting weapons worthy of being wielded by RPG heroes. The title features gameplay similar to many rhythm games, and is written by comedian Yoshiyuki Hirai. The game will release on Feb. 20 and will cost $7.99.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate confirmed for 3DS in North America

During Nintendo of North America’s segment Product Marketing Manager Erik Peterson confirmed Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate would be coming to 3DS owners in North America in 2015.

Capcom|Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Inazuma Eleven Coming to 3DS eShop

The poplar Soccer themed RPG Inazuma Eleven launched today on the 3DS eShop. The game was originally released in 2008 in Japan, and in 2011 in Europe, but will finally make it’s way stateside. The game balances RPG elements between school (where you can recruit and train players) and soccer battles which seem to play like a combination of tactical RPGs and sports titles.

New Indie Titles Coming Soon to eShop

Peterson also shed the spotlight on some of the really interesting Indie titles on their way to the eShop:


Moon Chronicles:

Shovel Knight:

1001 Spikes:

Retro City Rampage:


As far as the 3DS was concerned this was an incredibly eventful Nintendo Direct and 3DS owners have a lot of fresh and interesting content to look forward to over the next few months.

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