Ongoing Nintendo Character Guide Leaks Reveal New Information About Zelda Characters

Earlier this week Console Wars author Blake J. Harris tweeted a series of pages from an internal Nintendo Character Guide published in 1993, revealing some previously unknown information about iconic Nintendo characters Mario, Yoshi, Bowser, and Peach. Yesterday IGN reached out to Harris requesting more images from the 1993 reference manual – and published a handful of images they received featuring characters from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.


IGN points out that we’ve already seen some of the art featured in Hyrule Historia, but the really interesting information comes through the character descriptions below each image.

Link’s page explains how the hero (at least in A Link to the Past) is the only son of a Hylian family “renowned for both their courage and telepathic abilities.” Zelda’s page, however, offers a less flattering view of Hyrule’s greatest hero; claiming Zelda was a “heroine in her own right” and was set to escape Ganon’s imprisonment on her own when Link almost accidentally killed Zelda himself “on account of the poor lighting and an enormous spider that had sat down beside her.”

zelda_character_guide_zeldaWell that’s not exactly how we remember it…

If you’ve been enjoying all the old school leaks, you’re in luck – IGN claims Harris “has provided a few more scans that we’ll be showing off soon.”

What game do you think we’ll be seeing next? Sound off in the comments and let us know! To see the rest of the Link to the Past images Harris leaked check out the gallery below.


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