Steam Summer Sale Arrives, Financial Stability Departs

Remember that last $36 in your bank account you’ve been desperately trying to be responsible with so you can stop telling yourself cereal sandwiches are totally a substantial meal? Say goodbye to it – the Steam summer sale is here. Prepare for poverty.

Met by eager (and emotionally conflicted) gamers with equal parts euphoria and utter financial fear, Valve’s infamous annual sale is once again here to remind PC gamers who really wears the pants in their relationship – by slashing game prices and piggy banks everywhere for the next 11 days.


steam library screenshot – game iconsIt is not you who wears the pants.

Valve will be kicking this year’s daily deals off with a wide variety of discounted titles sure to offer something scrumptious for every gamer’s tastes.

summer sale 2014 day 1 deals

  • The Witcher 2: -80%, $3.99
  • Democracy 3: -66%, $8.49
  • Don’t Starve: -75%, $3.74
  • Far Cry 3: -75%, $7.49
  • Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion: -80%, $7.99
  • Dead Rising 2 (Pre-purchase): -25%, $37.49
  • XCOM Enemy Within: -83%, $6.49
  • DayZ: -15%, $25.49
  • Divinity Original Sin: -20%, $31.99

What’s that? You’ve made it past the daily deals and have somehow managed to retain $4.38 in your bank account? Not an issue – bring on the flash sales! New ones go up every eight hours! Get ’em while they’re hot!

steam flash sale 2014 day 1

  • Dead Rising Riptide: -75%, $4.99
  • Devil May Cry: -75%, $12.49
  • Hotline Miami: -85%, $1.49
  • Mirror’s Edge: -75%, $4.99

If you’re still standing, congratulations; there may just be a trace of hope for you this year. Get some rest; deals reset tomorrow. (1PM EST)

If you’re looking for some helpful tips to get the best value from this year’s Steam summer sale, check back later in the week for some simple advice on when to buy, when to hold off, and how to get the most out of your budget!

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